Multi Adaptor With Coating Wiper Blade for Car Windscreen

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What is Multi Adaptor Wipers? Consist of 13 adaptor that able to cater to all car models, Silent wiping experience instantly captured.

What is Nano Wipers? Nano wipers is using latest technology that comes with in-built coating on the wiper blade itself, coating will be auto applied on windscreen after 30-40 times wiping (Run-in period, note that will be abit midsty), What’s so good about Nano Coating, water drops on windscreen will form beading effect and bead away during highspeed driving. Unlike windscreen coating, or apply water repellant products which will cause wiper juddering! Effortless wiping, clearer vision as compared to normal wipers.

See Clearer Drive Better!

Nano Wipers automatically coat the windscreen while operating, forming a layer of water repellent function during high speed driving and have the following features:-

– Soft Frame Structure
– Better hugging effect means it wipe clearer
– Water repellent function form on windscreen
– Effortless wiping during high speed driving
– Able to use on almost all types of wiper arm
– Undetachable wiper adapter
– Safe to use

Multi Adaptors Installation

Wiper Size

– 14 inch
– 16 inch
– 17 inch
– 18 inch
– 19 inch
– 21 inch
– 22 inch
– 24 inch
– 26 inch
– 28 inch

Wiper Installation Fitting Instruction

Multi Adaptor With Coating Wiper Blade for Car Windscreen

Multi Adaptor With Coating Wiper Blade for Car Windscreen

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